Jenoacargo has the availability to transfer all kinds of shipments, using trucks all over Egypt, the Gulff and the Arabian countries, especially for FCL/LCL shipments with very competitive rates. We engage in all modes of transport to optimize the transportation time and reduce costs. We offer integral services providing all special equipment, transit permits and all other respective facilities. The specifications of the cargo are analyzed to select the optimum mode of transportation. Various arrangements are made for loading, stacking and securing, and unloading. The objective target is the safe delivery of cargo to its destination in an optimized timely manner.


In addition to our own fleet of trucks, we manage a group of core carriers to cover customer surge shipping lanes and optimize carrier availability for cost and service. Our Modo is, “Consider it done.”


Our partnerships with serving railroads provide competitive advantages for our clients with rail-in, rail-out or truck-out requirements.


We offer Domestic Transport by Rail Road and Air, Warehousing, Distribution and Courier Services:


  1. Reliable, safe, competitive Inland Road Transport and Rail solutions.
  2. FTL (Full Truck Load) by Rail or Road.
  3. LTL (Less than Truck Load / Part Truck Load) by Rail or Road.
  4. General Container movement by Rail or Road.
  5. Flat Track movement by Rail or Road.
  6. Refrigerated Goods movement by Rail or Road.
  7. Specialized Cargo / Project movement by Rail or Road.
  8. General Warehouse and Custom Bonded Warehouse Services.
  9. Local Distribution and Door Delivery Services.


Domestic Courier and International Courier Services:


  1. Reliable, safe, competitive Inland Road Transport and Rail solutions
  2. FTL (Full Truck Load) by Rail or Road.

Planning and execution for your next shipment is a minute away.


Consolidation / Distribution


At Jenoacargo small shipper is never an inconvenience. Jenoacargo has built its business by reliably and consistently meeting the specialized needs of any size shipper allowing our clients to compete more effectively on the global marketplace.


Jenoacargo is able to accommodate any needs of any size shipper with its LCL cargo service. Jenoacargo consolidates its LCL cargo from smaller shipments into full container loads (FCL). The containers are then shipped in mass at substantial cost savings to our clients due to our volume as the LCL shipments leader. By utilizing shipments, for both LCL and FCL, the combination of lower cost and better service results in overall savings of both time and money.




Having an urgent shipment! You don’t have to worry for a second; we understand what urgency means, Urgency means paying the details the attention they deserve, with the respect they deserve, without delay. That’s how we do it with any kind of shipment from anywhere in the world and to everywhere in the world. With Jenoacargo you can sleep with your eyes closed because we will handle it from A to Z with an incomparable professionalism. The minute you go ahead and place your inquiry to customer service portal, we’ll take it from there.


The best and shortest way to reach your target through a smooth route is to secure it by counting on a reliable logistician that you can trust and rely on. Urgent loads are standard procedure at Jenoacargo. And when a gifted team dedicates itself to secure and provide trust and combines instinct with boldness and effort, it is ready to climb. And the sky is the limit. That’s we do. Your trust is our number one goal and the means to achieving that is our flawless performance every step of the way.


The bottom line is that your goods must arrive securely and in a timely manner. Jenoacargo understands that transportation fulfillment is vital to the customer satisfaction we need to achieve.


For this reason, Jenoacargo offers a variety of transportation services that deliver the right goods, on time, every time.